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About us

About us

The Creation Story

Hogarth opened for business in 2008 in an attic room above a shop near London’s Carnaby Street. Our Internet connection came from a cable slung out of a window, and the floor sloped so much that all the chairs ran toward one corner. Eventually, we had fourteen people working in that room. This made it so full that we had to use the Brazilian coffee shop opposite us for our meetings. In memory of these roots, the founders of the company are still known as the “Attic Fourteen”.

Hogarth opens GreyWorks Singapore

Grey Singapore and Hogarth open their latest low-cost production facility


Hogarth and Grey Singapore have launched their latest GreyWorks studio in order to drive cost-efficiency and time savings for their clients in the APAC region. The newest GreyWorks office will act as a regional hub and will manage print, broadcast and digital projects for the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

The new facility has three-multipurpose edit suites which allow the GreyWorks team to edit audio and video, carry out adaptations, quality control and delivery all from within one location.

Singapore is the latest GreyWorks office to be launched by Hogarth and Grey; there are sister facilities already operating in London, New York, Germany, Mexico, Shanghai and Bucharest.